Gx interface

The Gx interface test solution from Valid8 enables conformance or load testing of this interface. This includes performing all test control functions as well as collecting results and metrics. The Message Workshop allows for creating of test scenarios directly from the hex stream of a remote capture, while the Graphical Editor on the feature roadmap for 1Q will allow for creating customized call scenarios by dragging and dropping the call flow to meet your test needs.

Why valid8. Solutions For. Load, Security and Resiliency Testing. Gx Interface. Gx Interface Diameter load tester Gx interface test solution No tags found. Diameter load tester Gx interface test solution. This is some text inside of a div block. Supported Scenarios:. Summary of Specifications. Product Details Gx Interface. Valid8 exports its products strictly in accordance with all US Export Control laws and regulations which shall apply to any purchase or order.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Ordering Information Gx Interface. Diameter Load Tester.

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HSS Emulator. IPv6 Test Software. MCX Load Tester. Mobile UE Tester. N1 Interface. N2 Interface. PCRF Emulator. Radius Load Tester. S6a Interface. S6c Interface. S6t Interface. SIP Conformance.Very interesting and very clear. Anonymous, restrict certain URL by reading http host header it is too easy.

GPRS core network

PCC rules it is more flexible and convinient solution. What is service? On PCEF each service has number. Pcrf knows this numbers and can use them. DPI engine is the key. DPI engin classify traffic and makes correlation btw Service-Identifier and type of traffic.

So you can prohibit or decrease speed for facebook. Thanks Nikita for your time and effort to go through comments and post the above here. Really appreciate, Bart. Hi Bart, your post is really helpful to our engineering job. Thank you. Thank you very much for detailed explanation of Gx interface. Is there any interface between these two components?

What will happen next when data event comes from netwrk to PCEF? Thanks for giving the details of Gx interface. I want understand what is Rating-Group?

gx interface

How many Rating-Group possible? Make it easier to find for others who could need those information, allow them find these articles on the spot. Recommendations until now.

P-GW Administration Guide, StarOS Release 21.8

At first I will talk about Gx interface which is responsible for Offline Charging, but not only. The Gx reference point can be used for charging control, policy control or both by applying AVPs relevant to the application.

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It will be needed for text presented below. Policy and Charging Control Rule Definition. When a packet matches a service data flow filter, the packet matching process for that packet is completed, and PCC rule for that filter shall be applied.

Dynamic PCC rules.Read more about our Policy Management testing capabilities.

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Read more about our Diameter functional and compliance testing options. On the PCRF :. A complete set of events that can be generated with the Gx interface can be found hereand our Diameter Dictionary can be used to construct, test, and validate the results of your Gx testing. The PCRF Emulator executes procedures based on configurable subscriber profiles and service profiles, responding to requests and reports from PCEFs and eliminates the need to dedicate a production server to lab activities.

You can execute a test event chain with a run-time command or during an automated test to request IP-CAN session terminations for specified subscribers or to simulate changing network conditions. Reconfigure your subscriber database in seconds rather than hours by simply loading a new configuration file. In this mode each emulator can support multiple interfaces, up to an aggregate of client connections across all emulators.

The emulators are fully independent and their subscriber databases may also be independent, overlap, or be duplicated. Multiple PCRF Emulators can run simultaneously, emulating roaming scenarios or testing capacity and performance of Diameter agents. Use cyclical event chains to trigger PCRF-initiated procedures with a run-time command or during an automated test.

Simulate a non-responsive server by pausing the emulator or simulate intermittent issues by pausing and resuming. Modify subscriber profiles during run time, simulating administrative policy or subscription changes in active sessions. Alternatively, you can simulate IMS interaction or other conditions in the test network with run-time commands that result in PCC rule installation, modification, or removal.

The Gx Interface application allows users to validate PCRF performance and capacity in a realistic network environment, replicating the deployment configuration. Execute timed chains of test events with a run-time command or during an automated test to trigger client-initiated procedures.

In this mode, up to independent nodes may be simultaneously simulated. The nodes are fully independent and their subscriber configurations may be independent, overlap, or be duplicated. Read more about dsTest Capacity and Performance.

Read more about our Testing Policy Management. SmartEvents — Alter application behavior or coordinate multiple interface applications with SmartEvents. Our programmable, subscriber-level state machine gives you the ability to define handlers for specified application events that can then cause an event in another application to be executed. Define proprietary signaling or corrupt elements to facilitate negative testing.

You can specify when your elements are used with SmartEvents. Traffic Profile — Draw the shape of your test actions across time with Traffic Profile. You can define the rate for any action as a static rate or reference a Traffic Profile configuration, which also means that multiple Traffic Profiles can be running currently. Use Traffic Profile in conjunction with the randomizing features in SmartEvents to design a test that more truly simulates real-world network activity.

Diameter Dictionary — Define a set of message templates against which all messages will be validated with our Diameter Dictionary. See our Online Help for Gx measurementsDiameter measurementsand socket measurements.

You can read more about the reporting features offered with dsTest and dsClient here. Phone: Gx Interface.This chapter provides information on configuring Gx interface to support policy and charging control for subscribers. The IMS service provides application support for transport of voice, video, and data independent of access support. Roaming IMS subscribers require apart from other functionality sufficient, uninterrupted, consistent, and seamless user experience during an application session.

It is also important that a subscriber gets charged only for the resources consumed by the particular IMS application used. It is recommended that before using the procedures in this chapter you select the configuration example that best meets your service model, and configure the required elements for that model as described in this Administration Guide. The Rel. Other parameters associated with the rules are used to enforce policy control.

The PCC architecture allows operators to perform service-based QoS policy, and flow-based charging control. The Rel 7.

gx interface

Gx interface is implemented as a Diameter connection. The Gx reference point can be used for charging control, policy control, or both by applying AVPs relevant to the application.

The following figure shows the reference points between various elements involved in the policy and charging architecture. The following figure shows the interaction between components within the Gateway. This feature is supported on all chassis with StarOS Release 8. A separate feature license may be required. Contact your Cisco account representative for detailed information on specific licensing requirements.

For information on installing and verifying licenses, refer to the Managing License Keys section of the Software Management Operations chapter in the System Administration Guide. Gx interface support is based on the following standards and RFCs:.

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This section describes features and terminology pertaining to Rel. Prior to Release In These rules are only considered for charging and the expectation is that the same rules are again modified in 4G if handover is done so that the filters and related info can be notified to UE.

Otherwise, the subscriber call will be dropped whenever the collision happens during HO. Gating Control: Gating control is the blocking or allowing of packets, belonging to an SDF, to pass through to the desired endpoint.

The commands to open or close the gate leads to the enabling or disabling of the passage for corresponding IP packets.

gx interface

If the gate is closed, all packets of the related IP flows are dropped. If the gate is opened, the packets of the related IP flows are allowed to be forwarded.The core network also provides support for other functions such as billing and lawful interception. PRS module is an open standards driven system. The standardization body is the 3GPP. When the GGSN receives data addressed to a specific user, it checks if the user is active. In the other direction, mobile-originated packets are routed to the right network by the GGSN.

In the other direction, PDP addresses of incoming data packets are converted to the GSM address of the destination user. The readdressed packets are sent to the responsible SGSN. The GGSN also performs authentication and charging functions. The location register of the SGSN stores location information e. At this point a PDP context can be activated. The packet data protocol PDP; e. The data recorded includes. Within the GPRS core network standards there are a number of interfaces and reference points logical points of connection which probably share a common physical connection with other reference points.

Some of these names can be seen in the network structure diagram on this page. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Main article: Access Point Name. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. October Retrieved 17 October Cellular network standards.A protocol is a system of digital rules for message exchange between telecom Nodes in order for one Node to communicate with another.

SCTP is used to provide guaranteed message delivery. SCTP provides a reliable transport service that operates at message level. Key features of UDP Include SIP : Session Initiation Protocol SIP is a communications protocol that is widely used for managing multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls. SIP, therefore is one of the specific protocols that enable voice communication over IP. Key features of SIP Includes Diameter : Diameter is an authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol for Telecom networks.

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Key features of Diameter includes Whether User can use Internet services or Not? Whether these services are allowed on Roaming or Not?

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This is used for QOS Management. We are going to understand each and every link in detail here. We will starting with Diameter links and take this journey to SIP links. This Rx Interface is used to control the establishment of any type of Incoming or Outgoing Callsand thereby authorize and control resource usage in the access networks.

Gx Interface

Rx uses Diameter protocol. Other Messages getting exchanged on Cx Interfaces are Cx uses Diameter protocol. Sh uses Diameter protocol. For any voice callThe charging function needs to perform credit control before allowing call to mature.

Ro Interface also works on Diameter protocol. Gm Interface is key to all User based communication. For security reasons, the Gm and Mw Interfaces are physically separate. This Interface also carries Authentication, encryption, and complete session control. It plays vital role for the interworking with another IMS network.Solve This? Guess the Hindi Muhawara from the following whatsapp Emoticons?

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LTE PCRF Interface - SixtySec

What is another name for China clay? My question is about the use case, i. Both are interfaces have for different purposes. So both the interfaces used to achieve different objectives.

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As I understand there is no special use cases. When credit authorization Gy and charging rule provision Gx are required simultaneously, then it will use Gx over Gy application such that it will avoid signalling load on Network.

If we do not use this mechanism then we have to send Gx and Gy message separately. As per my understanding both are same but could not confirm the same from internet so asking this question. I am trying to handle all the error scenarios seen while testing the Gx with the third party. As of now I had coded for just the successful scenarios.

I am looking for some of inputs on these error scenarios and how to proceed and exit gracefully rather than crashing the code. Dynamic rule config with wrong parameters. How can PCRF respond just log error and comeout? Static rule config with the "wrong rule name". In this case remove those rules and continue OR just comeout with just logging error.

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Thanks Vimal. Interface Gx and Gy these two are different and used for different purpose but I am not clear about this section Section 6. Salil, Even the application Id is differentnew id is xx Thanks Ratna. This is obviously rather for 3GPP standardization body. Fair Usage Policy use case. Your comment on this answer: Email me at this address if a comment is added after mine: Email me if a comment is added after mine Privacy: Your email address will only be used for sending these notifications.

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